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Pro-aSAW & Mobile App

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Proactive after Sales and Warranty (Pro-aSAW) is a cloud based application used to claim warranty of product and after sales service. It provide a streamline process for customers and businesses for hassel free service.

Core features of this application include :

  • User Registeration
  • Multi Users with Roles to access Applications functionality
  • Product Registeration
  • Ticket Creation
  • SMS & Email Notification to users
  • Check genuinity of any product
  • Client Dashboards
  • Reports

VIP POS (Point Of Sale)

VIP POS app is developed for a particular set of users who are basically VIP selling entity. VIP POS app allows them to facilitate their business. POS app provide features such as:

  • Registration the product being sold to customers along with customer details
  • Check genuinity of any product
  • Create tickets for damaged bags and assign them to proper technicians for repairing.
  • Monitor the status of the tickets and take essential measures for closing it on time.
  • Inform the user about the acitivity related to ticket through push notifications.
  • Provide confirmation about the quality of the work done on the damaged bag and time taken for repairing or replacing it.

VIP Service Technician

VIP Service Technician app is designed for the set of users who will be repairing the damaged bags provided to them by collection point or other entities. The main purpose of this app is to allow the user to work on tickets and update its status to collection point. Service Technician app has following features:

  • Technician are able to see the number of tickets they have worked on and numbers of pending tickets which helps them keep a track of their work completed and yet to be done in a single glance.
  • Technicians can see their planner which helps them to know their schedule of visit to collection point.
  • They can view and edit the tickets that have been assigned by the collection point. They can update the status of the ticket with proper image of bag and even if the technician is not able to complete the work he can either assign the same ticket to repair point with proper reason for not able to complete the ticket.
  • If the bag cannot be repaired, technician can request for replacement of the bag. This status will be sent to collection point mapped to this ticket.

VIP Repair Point

VIP Repair point app is designed for set of third party users who are responsible for repairing the bag in their workshop. The role of repair person is to first collect the bag from collection point and then repair it and return it to respective collection point and this can facilitated through this app. VIP Repair Point app has following features:

  • Repair point can see the number of open and close tickets in his app.
  • Get list of collection point with number of tickets allocated to that repair point along with ticket details.
  • Repair Point can view and edit the status of ticket by selecting proper status.
  • OTP enabled bag collection from POS, allowing to calculate and store the timestamp which later helps in reporting.
  • Inform about the current status of the ticket to collection point and close the ticket by attaching the image of finished product or selecting a reason for not completing the work.